Home Detox

Private Consultant Addiction Psychiatrist:


A home alcohol detox allows you to stop drinking without experiencing dangerous alcohol withdrawals.

Home alcohol detox is a safe, convenient and comfortable way of stopping drinking. It is suitable for most people. 

Detox medication is prescribed to be taken 4 times per day. THis will prevent unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. The dose taken a betime will ensure sleep.

The detox is monitored daily by me and my nurse/therapist Gail


Home alcohol detox will involve the following:

  • There will be an initial comprehensive assessment which usually lasts for about 1hour
  • Home alcohol detox suitability will be assessed- for the duration of the detox you will need to have an adult staying with you to supervise the medication
  • You can still be considered for a home alcohol detox if you have history of 'fits' or alcohol withdrawal seizures
  • You will also receive a phone call from Gail to plan the detox
  • The detox meds are typically prescribed for 7-10 days
  • I usually prescribe Diazepam (wich is 2.5x stronger than Librium/Chlordiazepoxide)
  • The dose will be adjusted during the detox so that you do not have withdrawal symptoms and you are able to sleep
  • Daily monitoring
  • Post home alcohol detox follow up